Squirrel Treehouse aims to promote financial literacy. To start, Squirrel Treehouse will promote financial literacy among pre-school children.

The first stage of Squirrel Treehouse’s pre-school programme will cover:

(a) basic counting of money;
(b) concept of needs versus wants; and
(c) concept of saving, spending and sharing.

Squirrel Treehouse believes that development of financial numeracy concepts at a young age should involve parents. This approach will strengthen family relationships and allow parents to help their children apply the concepts meaningfully in their daily experiences.

Most pre-school children will have formed some knowledge and experiences about numbers, shapes and space at home and in the community.

Squirrel Treehouse will build on this prior knowledge with hands-on learning experiences. This will reinforce your children’s understanding of what they already know. It will offer them opportunities to communicate ideas and find solutions in relevant and realistic contexts. In so doing, Squirrel Treehouse believes that children will see inter-relationships in numeracy and basic financial concepts.